Patachou Patisserie

Location : Rivonia Village

Telephone :+27 112340700

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Patachou Patisserie is a french patisserie in Rivonia that has fast become one of our favorite lunch time spots. Whenever we pop in, we tend to take forever to place our order because everything on display screams for our attention. The staff are super friendly and helpful and you feel that extra little bit of happiness when you walk through the door. They will even tell you a little about what each item is and what flavors you can expect.

Patachou offers a hefty range of treats like french macarons,  handcrafted french pastries, quiches and artisanal breads. Even though they have a large variety to choose from, everything on display looks like a work of art and you can see the effort that is put into each piece . Lucky for us, Patachou isn’t only about looking good, the taste is on par with the aesthetics. Everything that we’ve  tasted has been fresh, full of flavor and sooooo yum! You can taste that they use quality ingredients which is so refreshing in our concrete jungle.

So far we have had a taste of the tiramisu, various flavours of macarons, eclairs, lemon meringue, choux pastries and many others. Everything we tried was absolutely delicious and honestly we couldn’t fault anything. The macarons are the best we have eaten and the almond flavour is quite distinct (we haven’t been to Paris yet, but if we ever do we will definitely compare). Although we have tried so many items each time we go back there are new things to try and we definitely want to make an effort to try more of the savory goods.

Recently they have added a little outdoor seating area and a lunch menu with light meals, so if you are in area we definitely recommend checking it out. You may even see us lunching there because it happens to be 10 mins away from work and sometimes its a little peace of heaven in the chaos 🙂 .






  1. Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words. I have passed your praise onto the chef, and will let our staff in our retail store know about your compliments. Please let us thank you with a coffee and cake for two next time you pop in. I will let Jani or Gamu know.

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