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Every year, the Swiss Hotel School‘s graduating class participate in the restaurant challenge. For this challenge, students are required to create and operate a pop-up restaurant. Students do everything from inception of a theme right down to the service at the restaurant. The restaurant is open to the public and is hosted in-house at the Swiss Hotel School. It runs for 4 weeks during the months of September and October.

For this year’s theme the students were inspired by Latin America and created a pop-up restaurant called Casa Del Fuego (House of Fire). The restaurant was decorated simply but with some Latin American flair. From the garlands and colorful tissue paper balls to the rum bottles filled with fairy lights, they managed to create a restaurant with a distinct personality that elicited a few ooohs and aahs from us when we first walked in. The table settings were just as cute and included a little centre piece with their featured wine and a terrarium plant on a circular piece of wood.

The service was faultless considering it was the first time the students were running their own restaurant. We attended on the third day since the opening and it was also the first time they were experiencing a full service. All staff took pride in what they were doing and helped each other out which we found very refreshing. They were all friendly and constantly gave us updates on our order and checked if we needed anything.


The food served was on par with established restaurants and if this wasn’t just a pop up restaurant we would definitely be back for some of the items. For starters our table ordered the Empanadas and the Causa. The Empanadas were really delicious. The light airy pastry just melted in your mouth and had you wishing for more when it was done. The Causa was a cold starter of potato and tuna. It was beautifully presented but had quite subtle flavours. In this round the Empanadas were the clear winner

For mains we ordered the Lomo Saltado, Pollo Mole, Taco de Cerdo and the Kingklip Aji Amarillo. All of our meals were a hit, each with their own unique flavors. The Lomo Saltado was a stir fried sirloin (with onions and chunky tomatoes) served with potato wedges. The sirloin was tender and full of flavor! The Pollo Mole was seared chicken that was braised in a chilli chocolate sauce served with coriander rice. The chilli chocolate sauce was well balanced, rich and packed a punch. The Taco de Cerdo was a pulled pork taco with a mango salsa and a side of quinoa salad. The tacos were fresh and delicious, and our only critique is that we would have liked more pork.

Neither of us are huge fans of fish, so we were pleasantly surprised when the best of the mains for us was the Kingklip Aji Amarillo. The dish had many elements, all of which were cooked to perfection and worked together brilliantly. The best part of the meal for us was the crunchy crumbed calamari and the lemony peanut sauce. This was a fish dish we would order again!

The highlight of the night for us was definitely dessert. The Trucas Tequila was the perfect trio of creamy dark chocolate, with each truffle served with its own unique accompaniment. The Churro-Cesta Sorpressa was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft doughy goodness on the inside, and had us wishing we ordered 2 servings of it.

The pop up is running until 9 October, so if you want a chilled night out with good food or if you just want to support the Swiss Hotel School, make a booking and ¡buen provecho!



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