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The Faceshop is a Korean beauty brand that specialises in face and body products. We were so excited when we discovered that The Faceshop store had opened in South Africa at the Bruma Oriental City. Last year, while holidaying in Thailand, we  bought a few masks from The Faceshop to try. We only managed to use them once home and immediately regretted not buying more.

They stock a huge selection of sheet masks to treat varying skin afflictions. The masks are made of a thin tissue like material, soaked in a serum. The masks have convenient slits and cut outs for the eyes, nose and mouth. The instructions are simple, all you need to do is open the pack, take out the mask (carefully so it doesn’t tear), position it over your face and leave it on for the directed time (generally 15 – 20 mins). As you wait for your skin to absorb the serum, you may end up looking like Michael Myers from Halloween or Jason from Friday the 13th but its definitely worth it. We have tried a few of the masks, and all of them have left our skin feeling plump, hydrated and brightened.

The Sheet Masks  cost around R15 – R20 each but The Faceshop sometimes runs a special where you can buy 10 Sheet Masks and get 2 free. The character masks cost a bit more and retail for around R50 each.

The lip masks and eye masks are as good as the sheet masks but provide more focus on these areas. The lip mask (R 35 each) heals dry lips and leaves it feeling hydrated and soft. There are different types of eye masks, for different pain points. We tried the brightening eye mask (R 110 for 3 masks), and it worked like a charm. We noticed a difference in our dark circles and the skin around our eyes looked brighter.

Korean skincare and beauty has been taking over the beauty industry, and we can see why. Not only does your skin reap the benefits, it is also an affordable way to treat your skin.


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