Casa Bella

Telephone : 011 805 0889

Facebook : Casa Bella

Zomato : Casa Bella 

It’s not often that we make excuses to go a mall so we can eat there. But after our first chance encounter with Casa Bella we keep going back for more. They have a signature brand of food, with interesting flavour combinations that tempt you into trying something new. Our favourite discovery is the Gorgonzola sauce, it’s so good that we have cravings for it and sometimes plan our Saturdays around it. Try it with the fillet or with some Gnocchi and prepare to be addicted.

The complementary bread is another reason we love this place. They make it fresh and it arrives warm at your table with the usual trio of chilli, garlic and parmesan. These fried pillows of dough are served in a cute paper bag that soaks up any excess oil. This is a nice touch, and adds to the appeal of the place, especially when so many South African restaurants are content to serve microwaved stodgy bread, if any at all.

Everything we have tried has been good and full of flavour. We love wood fire pizza and Casa Bella definitely didn’t disappoint. The chicken livers are served with a rich napolentana sauce and is one of the best chicken liver dishes we have ever tried. The Ravioli was fresh and filled with a perfect balance of creamy ricotta and earthy spinach.

The only meal that didn’t hit the spot was the lasagne, but this is because we enjoy a creamier sauce and this leaned more towards tomato.

The ambiance of the restaurant is also great and we are always happy when the weather holds up, so we can sit outside. It is in a mall so it gets pretty busy, but they have definitely created an inviting space.

Next time you are at Mall of Africa, give Casa Bella a chance. It definitely beats the food court and we promise you will leave happier then you came.



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