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We like adventures and the JHB CBD  is always up for the challenge. You get the feeling that extra effort is put into luring you there and we have had some of our best Jozi experiences in this part of the woods. We recently spent a fun Friday evening there, sipping sundowners at the Living Room before heading to The Bioscope to watch Oscar nominated short films.

We highly recommend The Living Room. Its probably the most beautiful bar we have ever been to. Situated on a rooftop it already has huge advantage but the vertical gardens take it to another level. We love how the plants fill the space and give off that lux holiday type of vibe. Their cocktails were delicious and there were some really interesting combinations. The platter we ordered was average but the presentation was spectacular so we can forgive them for it. The only low point was the service. It was slow and we had a hard time finding the waitress to take a second drinks order or to pay the bill when we were leaving. Good thing this venue sells itself.

The Bioscope is an independent cinema in Maboneng which generally showcases African, documentary and foreign films. There is only one screen so don’t expect a choice in film but rather one well curated screening each day.  The cinema is cosy with comfortable seating and the best part  is being able to take in pizza and beer in for the screening. They also do theme days with accompanying food which we want to try soon.

The experience was a real eye opener for us. We are so used to being fed American content that their humor and style of film has become our norm. Usually we never watch foreign language films as we expect they will not deliver the same quality as Hollywood blockbusters but this was a big gust of fresh air. Even though they were short films, they were witty and funny and delivered so much food for thought in such a short time. We found ourselves fascinated by the characters and there was a lot of unexpected laughter. The films were in different languages but they had subtitles and it really did not dull the overall effect of the movies. We had no idea we were missing out and were definitely left encouraged to keep moving outside our comfort zones. The divide in the world is getting smaller everyday so why are we confining our minds to such a small part of the cultures that we can experience.

Go out and try something new friends! You have no excuse! A ticket will cost you R45 and it is worth every cent.


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