Sometimes bad things happen at good movies

Lately our country has been the home to unthinkable violations of women and girls. It’s heart breaking to see women cower in fear and believe they have to play submissive roles in society. We are tired of seeing our gender portrayed as timid creatures whose only interests include sparkly crowns and quests to find a husband. We are fed this seed of doubt, that we are weak, from an early age with countless fairy tales that expect Prince Charming to save the day. So who could possibly be the champion to teach girls that they too can be strong and powerful? Well…do you believe in wonder? ☺

Wonder Woman is the ultimate heroine and although she shone in her debut DC movie, Superman vs Batman, we were anxious to see what she could do in her very own movie. Ster Kinekor offered viewers the chance to be one of the first people in the world to see the movie with a pre-screening at 1 Fox. We bought tickets (R120 each) without much hesitation because we trust the brand and were sure it would be a top class event. The event was not a total disaster but certainly not a great cinematic experience.

The red carpet and professional photo op as you walked in seemed liked a great start. We were starving so immediately hunted down food and drinks. The food service was excellent and we got food quite quickly but it took forever to get a drink at the bar. There were 4 food vendors and another selling churros and mini donuts. The lack of movie snacks was disappointing. We would have liked to see more variety here but unfortunately, there was only one size of popcorn and two flavours of slushies from which to choose.

After the snack disappointment, we moved on to find a seat. The set up seemed fine until we realised that the plastic seating (with a cushion), neatly arranged in rows and cable tied together, made viewing difficult if you happened to sit behind a tall person. This also meant you got really really up close and personal with the person sitting next to you…awks.

The movie was projected onto a relatively big screen and although it wasn’t the best picture or sound quality we could still enjoy the movie. Overall this “VIP Experience” did not live up to the hype and the brand. Comfort during a movie is a necessity and unfortunately this would be a deal breaker for future events. 

The movie itself was electrifying and lassoed us in with pops of humor, romance, inspirational women and most of all, kick-ass slo-mo action! There has been tons of pressure for Wonder Woman to be good, not only because its the first solo female superhero movie, but also the first superhero movie directed by a woman. Wonder Woman was the perfect origin story to introduce the warrior princess to the world. Even though the movie lived up to our expectations, it was not without faults. The villains were a bit cringe worthy, and we would have liked to see more sophisticated bad guys. If you can forgive this, like we have, you will find yourself in awe of the amazon warrior princess and may even find yourself training to be one.. like us! ☺

Introduce yourself to the World of Wonder..the movie hits theaters today!



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