Braces at 30

The older you get the more accepting you become of your flaws. It happens naturally and it is the most freeing feeling. Time doesn’t magically erase the flaws but you learn little tricks to make yourself ignore them so that you can get on with life. A prime example for me, was never showing my teeth when smiling in photos.

When I was younger I would lie in bed and mentally pick apart my appearance. My teeth were always top of the list but something I never thought I would get fixed. I couldn’t afford proper braces growing up so it was just a fantasy I toyed with.

The older I got the less I thought about it until last year when I noticed my teeth moving further apart and the gaps widening. Once again it started to bother me and I found myself starting each day staring unhappily into the bathroom mirror.

I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to even entertain the thought of braces at this point in my life but one day my friend, also in his thirties, announced he was getting them. Still, I was hesitant, but having a friend also going through the same journey made the process seem less painful. When he had them fitted, I was truly motivated. It didn’t look bad at all and the option of clear tracks meant they were far less obvious.

So here I am 6 months later and let me tell you having braces is no joke. I am deathly afraid that when I take them off my teeth will be decaying underneath. During the first month I bought at least 7 toothbrushes, 3 different mouthwashes and several tools. I have now narrowed down the amount of products I use and the products I can’t live without are mouthwash, an ultra-soft toothbrush, super floss and picks. I am pretty loyal once I find a product I love in my oral care and hadn’t changed my routine for years before my braces. The dentist recommended Oral B super floss to me and, even though it is expensive, they are really convenient. I dont have to bother with a floss threader which saves me a few precious minutes each night, especially helpful when cleaning your teeth takes a good 15 minutes. I favour the GUM range for my tooth picks and toothbrush. The picks are flexible and gentle so I can clean hard to reach places easily. Alot of toothbrushes claimed to be soft but even after buying baby ones I was still hurting myself each day, until I found the GUM super soft toothbrush. It has fine long bristles and is less dense than most brushes ensuring that is gentle. Listerine has always been my brand of choice for mouthwashes but the Listerine Advanced White has become my favorite.

I recently took the Beauty Bulletin #2WeeksToWhiter challenge and I was so impressed.The first thing I noticed was that it was really gentle and did not leave my mouth on fire. The taste was nice and mild which I appreciate first thing in the morning. Having porcelain braces and clear elastics is tricky because they stain at the mere mention of curry. The elastics turn bright yellow and I was convinced I would just have to live with it because I would never give up curry! The Listerine Advanced White mouthwash worked extremely well. Most of the discoloration disappeared after a few days and after 2 weeks there is just a faint hint in a few places. I feel like having braces causes plaque to accumulate quicker and my teeth would look dull even after brushing 3 times a day. With this mouthwash my teeth are sparkling after each use and I feel more confident to start my day. I will say that this product did not seem to protect my teeth from further stains, coffee being the big culprit. On the days where I didn’t drink coffee the results of the mouthwash were more evident by the end of the day. We highly recommend that you try it and see for yourself 🙂


*Disclaimer – The Listerine Advanced White mouthwash was sent to us by Beauty Bulletin  as a sample to test, however the contents of this post has not been influenced in anyway

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