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It was a cold and stormy afternoon… not really, but it was pretty cold. The white rabbit* was running late and it was time for tea. We were out of ideas but Instagram came to the rescue! A picture of hot chocolate called out and promised to be accompanied by a fireplace.. so off we went. As we walked into the quaint venue we were directed to the left. It felt like the entrance to Wonderland. We walked through a cheerful green entrance up to a beautiful distressed green and red door with a red heart perched on top. Already we were taken in and knew we were in for something special. Inside was even better. The translucent roof lets in the perfect amount of light and transforms the room into a green house of sorts. The rafters have drapes intertwined with plants casually peaking through here and there. There are even a few chandeliers hanging from the roof. If we didn’t know any better we would swear the Mad Hatter was about to burst in and have a tea party. The walls are covered with a creeping plant and the vines stretch out everywhere making the room even more magical. As promised the fireplace was lit and they even had an extra heater. The staff were lovely. They doted on us the entire time and made us feel right at home.

We chose to start with coffee which was excellent. We also ordered a meze board to share. It was an array of meats, mozzarella, meatballs and pies. The board was served with foccacia on the side and we enjoyed all the elements. There was a table of sweet stuff tempting us the entire time.. so we gave in and ordered dessert as well. We got the Japanese cheesecake and a fresh marshmallow. Both were nice, however, not anything we would crave. There were many other sweet treats like flour-less chocolate cake, vegan brownies and pineapple carrot cake which we promised to come back and try. The one thing we would recommend, to take this tea room to the next level, would be the addition of herbal and flower teas.

All in all it really is a magical place. Its easy to become jaded. Especially in JHB with the same franchises around every corner but we dare you to go out and find places like this that give you an experience and something to think back on when you have to spend another five days in a boring old cubicle. So dear friend give this place a try.. if only just to see how beautiful it is.


N.B* The white rabbit is Priya because she is always late and running around looking at her watch 🙂

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