e.l.f Haul


Every once in a while a friend offers to bring you back makeup from a far away land. Its a time of great joy and celebration but then a glance at the exchange rate quickly brings you back to the stark South African reality. We had been watching the e.l.f brand with interest but here in SA the prices are a con, putting them in the mid range price bracket. In Canada, Walmart sells the e.l.f range for between $3-$8 so we could pick as many products as we wanted without any regret. The range at Walmart was limited but we still managed to get a decent sample to try.

Here is a little review of the products we got (prices in Canadian dollars):

  • Makeup Mist & Set Clear ($3.97) – This product doesn’t seem to improve longevity of makeup but works well enough to settle your makeup if its too powdery.
  • Hydrating Under Eye Primer ($3.97) – Love this product. It is light, moisturizing and is absorbed quickly. Our under eye definitely sets better when we use this.
  • Cream Eyeliner Black ($3.97) – The eyeliner has a soft texture and dries matte. It’s not waterproof, but it’s pretty long-lasting. It comes with a mini angle brush, that is surprisingly easy to use.
  • High Definition Powder Translucent ($7.97) – This powder has a weightless smooth texture that practically disappears on skin, however it doesn’t really set makeup or absorb excess oil. If you have oily skin this product does not hold up.
  • High Definition Under-eye Setting Powder ($3.97)  – This product is very similar to the HD translucent powder. Its perfect for setting under eye makeup. The only flaw is the packaging, the lid gets loose sometimes and tends to spill the powder everywhere so you cant travel with it.
  • Daily Brush Cleaner ($3.97) – This little product has saved the day many times. You give your dirty brush a little spritz and wipe clean on a paper towel. It may need to be repeated a few times but dries quickly and in no time your brushes are ready to be used again. No more having to do the same eye look everyday because you don’t have time to wash your brushes.
  • Lip Exfoliator Clear ($3.97) – We love that this exfoliator comes in a handy lipstick package. It smells sweet and has a good grit to balm ratio, so that it conditions the lip while exfoliating. We use this very gently to remove dead skin and then wipe on a clean tissue so that it is ready for the next use. Its especially handy when you have forgotten to exfoliate but have already started on your makeup because it does not leave behind a mess.
  •  Makeup Remover Pen ($3.97)- We didn’t actually expect this to work as well as it did. Its great for creating the perfect winged liner. Simply swipe away mistakes and then wipe clean on a tissue. Its much more precise than a cotton bud and erases unwanted makeup without a trace.

This haul left us with all round, fuzzy feelings towards e.l.f. The products offer value for money and in some instances offered unique products that we didn’t know we needed. We were happy with the quality and for these prices didn’t even expect to like the products as much as we did. After trying everything out we couldn’t help but be curious as to how we could get more. We discovered that e.l.f ships free to SA if you purchase for a certain amount and sometimes they even have specials were shipping is free. They have lots of cool new products out, so this probably wont be our last e.l.f haul.


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