Protein Rice Krispies Treats

Right now we are all about them gains, so adding some sweets to our protein seems like a pretty genius idea! If you are a clean eater look away now! When we saw Cori Baker’s take on Protein Rice Krispies Treats, we knew were in trouble. We are lazy AF so the fact that these are only 4 ingredients and take like 10 minutes to cook up…we just couldn’t resist! We doubled the quantity cause more is better 🙂 and reduced the marshmallows slightly. We knew these would taste good but we were never ready for how addictive they are. The whey takes the sweetness down a notch and kicks up the protein. This combo tastes exactly like a strawberry milkshake and winning at life.


4 Cups            Rice Krispies

150 grams      Mini Marshmallows

90 grams       Protein (we used Nutritech Premium Whey, Cinnabon flavor)

4 Tbsp.           Butter


In a pan, melt marshmallows and butter over medium heat until marshmallows are melted. Add in your Rice Kripies and Protein and mix well. Pour into a baking tray and press down into an even layer. Allow treats to cool (approximately 20 – 30 mins) and then slice into squares.


18 squares

Calories per Square: 94

Macros per square: 4.8g P | 2.7g  F | 13.1g C

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