Vegan Bounty Bars


This month we have been testing out all kinds of vegan recipes to switch things up. Some have been terrible but there are some that are truly awesome, no matter what your dietary preference is. This is one of those recipes. You can whip them up in 10 minutes and you will be amazed at how good they taste. We preferred these to the real thing, because we could adjust the sweetness and the rich dark chocolate ensured that we didn’t over do it with the portion control. We can definitely see the possibilities with this simple recipe.

To lower the carbs even further you can sub the maple syrup for Waldens sugar free syrup,  or add in some peanut butter for a nutty type of bar or even a few drops of peppermint essence into the coconut mixture for and after diner mint vibe.  We definitely adding in a few scoops of protein into our next batch. Except for melting the chocolate there is no cooking or baking in sight… a pretty great feat for such a yummy treat 😉

Original Recipe :  No Bake Coconut Bounty Bars


2 Cups            Unsweetened shredded coconut

7 Tbsp.           Pure maple syrup

2/8 Tsp.         Salt

4 Tbsp.           Coconut oil

1 Tsp.              Vanilla essence

8 Blocks          70% Dark Lindt Chocolate



Using a blender or food processor, combine all ingredients except the chocolate. Once mixture is combined to a paste like texture, form into bars using your hands. Place the bars onto a plate (use spray and cook on the plate to stop the bars from sticking to the plate) and freeze for 10 minutes. Melt the chocolate. Dip the bars into the melted chocolate and place back onto the plate. Re-freeze for 10 minutes.


18 squares

Calories per Square: 90

Macros per square: 0.7 g P | 7.6 g C | 6.3 g  F

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