10 Things You Need To Know About US

  1. We are Kesh and Priya, just 2 every day girls
  2. We blog because we don’t want to forget…Every year keeps getting better and this is our way of remembering
  3. The way to our heart is paved with DOUGH! We have a love hate relationship with all things doughy…So bad for the waist but sooo good for the soul
  4. Don’t speak to us until we have eaten, hangry is a real thing!
  5. We are fit girls and gym at least 5 times a week (mostly :/). We try our best to eat clean but a lot of times #3 wins
  6. Wine is a big thing around here and takes hierarchy over afternoon tea any day
  7. We like long, romantic walks to the makeup aisle
  8. We like makeup but we also like superheroes…RIP stereotypes, we are here to challenge you everyday
  9. We don’t follow fashion…life is too short to play it safe
  10. The thing we dream of the most is to travel the world…See new things, eat different dough and most of all find new ways to recreate a better us each time

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